June 22, 2024

Golf MK3

Home of the 3, the magic number

Thanks for donating

Thanks for donating. Your contribution is immense.

Please also get involved by spreading the word and of course join us for the Mk3 Mafia Isle of Wight Takeover on the 23rd-24th May bank holiday weekend for our Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity Event.

It’s a meet up for MK3s in aid of the Children’s hospital, Great Ormond Street, who we have selected to support as it’s a great cause that needs our support. Please send any further donations for this cause.

Want to support GOSH even more? Well you can. Get the GOSH Hopper, over £50,000 has been committed by the manufacturer and every purchase supports the hospital directly with funds from the manufacturing going directly to the cause.   Hop for GOSH

Small and Large sizes are available (45cm and 60cm) and this is to further support the MK3 Mafia Charity Event, so please consider a Hop for GOSH.

We really appreciate any further contributions, please send people to https://golfmk3.com/the-mk3-mafia-great-ormond-street-charity-event/

Thanks again, thanks so much for helping the children.