Golf MK3

Home of the 3, the magic number

A car history full of rust, broken window regulators and broken grill clips

Anyone that knows me, probably knows me as a mk3 golf owner more than for anything else. I’ve had 14 of the bloody things. The problem I have is that I don’t seem to be able to avoid them. I have tried lots of different cars from polos and passats, to e36 and dull and boring Audis, but I always come back to another mk3.

This brings me to my latest purchase. On a freezing cold and wet October evening, my friend and I set off on the 200 mile round trip to pick up this low owner, 60k mile, base spec 1.4 from dreary Staines. I found this car, (when I didn’t need one) while perusing eBay and thought il put a bid on it. Getting it for £200 would be a good price… it never got that high though, no one bid on it and £170 later into the hands of a slightly emotional old boy, I was grinning ear to ear at the dizzy speed of about 55 back up the m1.

I got it back to my parents house, parked it up on the driveway and to be honest, that was 18 months ago and other than chucking some borbet A on it so that I could use the steels to scrap a mk2 on and swapping out the interior for my tan recaros, I haven’t actually touched it. I bought a house to renovate and then COVID hit so haven’t had the time to get over to my parents to work on the damn thing!

Now though, I’ve got a bet on to get it on the road this year so I’ve got to make a start on it soon! Follow me over on instagram @makeatom for more updates as they happen and hopefully next time I post on here, it will actually have progressed a little towards my goal!